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Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot question Dated-28 -02 August-September 2014 - Live at 8.30

                                    Kbc Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot 2014-2015

Question for Date 02th September 2014 will Update day after Tomorrow:
Question For Date 28th august :

Ques:Which of these are one of the main characters of Ramayana also appear in the Mahabharata?
इनमे से कौन रामायण  के मुख्य पात्रों में से एक हैं जो महाभारत में भी नजर आते हैं ?
A. Vedvyas

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Able to give answer only next 29th of august 2014 8.00 pm

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Question For Date 27th august 

Ques :Jai Dixit inflated by Abhishek Bachchan played the character in the movie which was played for the first time?
अभिषेक बच्चन द्धारा निभाया गया चरित्र जय दीक्षित पहली बार किस फिल्म में निभाया गया है ?
B.Dhoom 2
C. Dhoom
D. Dhoom 3

Question For Date 26th august: Enjoy

Ques: Various stages of the 2014 general elections which were held in the month?
प्रश्न :2014 आम चुनावों के विभिन्न चरण किन महीने  में आयोजित किये गए थे ?

  1. January-February
  2. April- May
  3. May-June
  4. June-July

Able to give answer only next 27th of august 2014 8.00 pm
Question For Date 25 August

Ques:Which warrior in the Mahabharata knew the secret of getting into the 'Chakravyha' but not of getting out?
प्रश्न :महाभारत में कौन सा योद्धा 'चक्रव्यूह ' में होने का रहस्य पता था, लेकिन से बाहर नहीं हो रही है?

  • Arjuna (अर्जुन )
  • Abhimanyu(अभिमन्यू )
  • Drupada(द्रुपदा )
  • Dhristadtumana(धृसतादतुमना )

Question for Date = 21st August 2014

In English :
Ques: Which one of these is an elected post in India?

  1. Governor
  2. President of India
  3. Chief Election Commissioner
  4. Chief Justice of India
हिंदी  में :
प्रश्न : भारत में एक निर्वाचित पद इनमें से कौन सा है?

  1. राज्यपाल 
  2. भारत के राष्ट्रपति 
  3. मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त 
  4. भारत के मुख्य न्यायाधीश

Able to give answer only next 22 th of august 2014 8.00 pm

Question for Date :20th August

Ques: इनमे से कौन आईपीएल  टीम किंग्स एलेवेन पंजाब के मालिको में से कौन हैं?

  1. नेश वाडिया 
  2. सिद्ध मालया 
  3. गैडेन मूर्ती 
  4. तान्या डुबास 
In English :

Ques: In which of these is the owner of IPL Team Kings Eleven Punjab ?
  1. Nesh Wadiya
  2. Sid Maliya
  3. Gaiden Murti
  4. Tanya Dubass

Question for Date : 19th August 2014

Ques :भारतीय राष्ट्रीय ध्वज के बीच  में क्या बना हुआ है ?
  • चरखा 
  • अशोक चक्र 
  • वन्दे मातरम 
  • सूर्य 
In English :
Ques: What remains in the middle of the Indian national flag?
  • Charkha
  • Ashok Chakra
  • Vande Matram
  • Surya


First Question Dated : 18th August 2014

Question : From Film 'Heropanti' whose films stars son entering in the film named as Tiger?
प्रश्न : फिल्म 'हीरोपंती ' से फिल्मो में बतोर नायक कदम रखने वाले टाइगर किस अभिनेता के बेटे हैं ?
  1. Anil Kapoor
  2. Sunny Deol
  3. Sunil Shetty
  4. Jacky Shraff
The winner of Ghar Baithee Jeeto Jackpot First : Ritesh Dhanraj Kurejkar from Kanpur
 He Played Jackpot Question and the question is :
Ques:Which of these Indian Cities now services as the capital of two states?

  1. Ranchi
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Raipur
  4. Dehradun
He answered the question correctly and win the amount of Rs 3,00,000.

Mr. Bachan First respect all of the Audience and giving his respective time in Surat for telecasting Grand Opening of Kbc telecast on Television 17th August.This time Kbc comes with great enjoyment and learning with Gaining path.The theme song for Kbc this year is very Awesome which is "Here not only money can win but also win heart" in Hindi "यहाँ पैसा हिं नहीं  दिल भी जीते जाते हैं। 

Amitabh Bachan asking some funny question with the funniest man Kapil Sharma.So where the great Comedian go then the place also become comedy hence every body enjoy the Grand opening.

Now waiting for Soon Telecast the great show on Television with Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Question on 18th of August 2014.So be ready with your phone.......


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Kbc Episode Dated 26th August - Archana Tirkey

Kbc Episode Dated 26th August - Archana Tirkey

Looking Forward for next episode from the second week Kaun Banega Crorepati again starts with thrill and this time Archana Tirkey won an amount of Rs.50,00,000.A great inspiration story by her for their children.Lets start playing kbc with Contestant Archana Tirckey:Read more at

Watch her winning moment video

Archana Tirckey winning moment : She is the first contestant who won an amount of Fifty lakh which is telecast on television at 26th August 2014.She has very painful story for why she want money .The story is she has one daughter who is suffering from some typical disease and hence lots of money can use for operation.

The ten contestant from second week episodes:

  1. Hemanta Mahapatra
  2. Bavleen Kaur
  3. Pooja Singh
  4. Minaxi Babu Kamble
  5. Archana Tirkey
  6. Barooru Lalitha
  7. Anjanan Gupta
  8. Maninder Pal Singh
  9. Lal Bahadur Yadav
  10. Rajeshkumar

Ques : In 2014, on which ground did India win a Test match after 28 years ?
A. The Oval
C. Lord's
D. Bristol

Ques : Which of these animals is the largest number of the dog family ?
A. Jackal
B. Hyena
C. Wolf
D. Fox

Ques : Which parliamentarian is the author of  '1001 Animal Quiz', 'Fish Quiz', 'Bird Quiz' and 'Insect Quiz'?
A. Harsimrat Kaur Badal
B. Maneka Gandhi
C. Najma Heptullah
D. Supriya Sule

Ques: The Potato is believed to have originated in which of these places ?
A.South America

Ques:Which of these banks opened its first branch in the present day Pakistani City of Lahore in 1895?
A.Panjab and Sind Bank
B.Syndicate Bank
C.Panjab National Bank
D.Induslnd Bank

Kbc Quiz Question Play and win

Play Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz and chance to win some prizes or Money.

Playing Kbc rules:

  • When Playing kbc quiz players are not able to search the questions from any of the Search Engine.If you do that you will get one less point which will give you bad result or not chance to win prizes and money.
  • All the questions are Compulsory so must answer all the Questions.
  • You have only one chance to gin your answer so think and give your answer in proper way.
  • No limits of time but not more than half an Hour .
  • SO lets started 
Questions are Updated daily here so play every day .....
Previous three winners:
1.Karan Sandalya
2.Rohan Gupta
3.Monika Kumari

Kbc Contestant Dated - 19th August 2014 - Now live

Ending with Third Contestants with winning amount of Rs:6,40,000.Starts next contestant with Fastest Finger Question:

Madhubala Contestant Number 4th Dated 18th August to 19th August 2014.
Starting with Roll over contestant Madhubala from Sitamadhi start playing kbc contestant questions:

1. Which of these terms can only be used for women?

  • Dirghaayu
  • Chiranjeevi
  • Suhaagan
  • Sushil
2. Which of these sports requires you to shout out a word loudly during play?
  • Chess
  • Ludo
  • Playing Cards
  • Kho-Kho
3.On which festival is this song performed in the film?
  • Diwali
  • Janmashtami
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Holi
4.Which of these spices is the smallest in size?
  • Jeeera
  • Saunf
  • Ajwain
  • Methi Seeds
5.If Jwala Gutta and Ashwini ponnappa compete as partners, In which sport are they participating?
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Table Tennis
.Which battle in 1757 marked the beginning of British occupation of British occupation in India?
  • Buxar
  • Cuddalore
  • Plassey
  • Assaye
7.What kind of creature was Bakasur , whom Kansa sent to kill Sri Krishna in his childhood?

  • Bird
  • Snake
  • Lizard
  • Deer
8.Which is the second most spoken language of Nepal?
  • Bajjika
  • Magahi
  • Bhojpuri
  • Maithili
9.Who are only married couple elected on the 16th Lok sabha?
  • Sukhbir singh - Harsimrat Kaur Badal
  • Pappu Yadav - Ranjeet Ranjan
  • Prakash -Brindra Karat
  • Priya Ranjan  - Deep
that's all End of the fourth contestant from Sitamadhi named as Madhubala and winning amount of Rs:3,20,000
Next Fastest finger question for next contestant

  1. Arrange tese films stars in order of their debut as a hero in Hindi films?

  • Ranveer Singh
  • Sidharth Malhotra
  • Tiger Shroff
  • Farhan Akhtar
And the winner of fastest finger question is Rishi Kumar who is next fifth contestant of Kaun Banega Crorepati.So lets start playing kbc with the fifth person .

1.Which of these is one of the four stages of human life in ancient Indian Tradition?
  • Dronacharya
  • Vasudevacharya
  • Kripacharya
  • Brahmacharya
2.In which of these two sports is the term ' free it'used?
  • Football ,Squash
  • Badminton , Tennis
  • Hockey, Cricket
  • Boxing, Wrestling
3.Which of these medical condition is most likely to cause dehydration?
  • Malaria
  • Tetanus
  • Beriberi
  • Diarrhoea
4.Identify the song from the audio clip?
  • Tere naina
  • Naino Mein Sapna
  • Naina Dagabaaz Re
  • Tere mast mast do nain
5. Who is the only MP in the current Lok Sabha who is also an Olympic medialist?
  • Abhinav Bindra
  • Karnam Malleswari
  • Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
  • Gagan Narang
6.In which states is the Larji Hydroelectric Power Project Locating?
  • Uttarakhand
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Sikkim
  • Jammu and Kashmir
7. During which of these legendary events did Lord Vishnu take the form of Kurma?
  • Hiranyakashipu Sanhar
  • Kaliya Naag Mardan
  • Samudra Manthan
  • Kurukshetra Yudh
Will update tomorrow 20th August 2014.


Kbc Contestants episodes Dated - 18th August

Kbc Contestants Third Khusbu Dated - 18th August

Starting with Fastest Finger Question Amitabh bachan selected the third Contestants Named as Khusbu Singh on 18th of August

Ten Contestants who played Fastest Finger Question:

  1. Milan Chandra Das
  2. Khusbu Singh
  3. Rishi Kumar
  4. Archana Prasad
  5. Mahbob Khab
  6. Madhubala
  7. Chetana Kanani
  8. Manoj Kumar Yadav
  9. Nidhi Shrivastava
  10. Pushpendra Singh
Fastest Finger Question:
1. Starting with the smallest , arrange these words in increasing order of the numbers represented in the in them?

  • Panchatatva
  • Triguna
  • Ekaksha
  • Ashtsiddhi
Questions asking from Neha Singh

1. Which of the following corresponds to 'ek bataa do ?

  • Sawa
  • Pura
  • Aadha
  • PAuna
2.Which of the Following gods is also known as 'Gauri Nandan'?
  • Agni
  • Ganesha
  • Indra
  • Hanuman
3.In the game of Ludo the discs or tokens are of how many colours?
  • Three
  • Two 
  • One
  • Four
4. Which leaders voice is this?

  • Sushma Swaraj
  • Smriti Irani
  • Sheila Dikshit
  • Maneka Gandhi
5.Which of these are the names of national parks located in Madhya Pradesh?
  • Krishna and Kanhaiya
  • Ghanshyam and Murari
  • Kanha and Madhav
  • Gridhar and Gopal
6.Where was the BRICS Summit held in 2014?
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Russia
  • China
7. Who wrote the introduction to the English translation of Rabinddranath Tagore's 'Gitanjali'?

  • P B Shelley
  • T S Eliot
  • W B Yeats
  • Alfred Tennyson
8. Which of these leaders was the recipient of a gallantry award in 1987 by a state Government for saving two girls from drowning?
  • Mamata Banerjee
  • Anandiben Patel
  • Vasundhara Raje Scindia
  • Uma Bharti
9.The wife of which of these legendary sportspersons was once captain of the Indian Volleyball team?
  • K D Jadhav
  • Milkha Singh
  • Dhyan Chand
  • Prakash Padukone


Kbc Registration process and date

1. KBC Registration for All users starting 5th May to 14th May
2. For IDEA Users starting from 20th May to 25th May
3. Jodi Special General Users 14th to 16th May
4. Jodi Special Idea Users 25th May to 27th May 2014.