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Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot question Dated-01-02 September 2014 - Live at 8.30

                                    Kbc Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot 2014-2015

Question for Date 02th  September 2014 will Update  Tomorrow :Get jobs update for you at
Ques :What is the acquittal object in our solar system ?
हमारे सौर मंडल में सबसे बरी वस्तु  क्या है ?
A. Jupiter
B. Alfa Santory
C. Sun
D. Titan

Able to give answer only next 02th September 2014 8.00 pm

Idea Users: 
  • Can type 555456 11 if your answer is Option A 
  • Can type 555456 12 if your answer is Option B
  • Can type 555456 11 if your answer is Option C
  • Can type 555456 11 if your answer is Option D 
BSNL Users:
  • Can dial 5052525 11 if your answer is Option A
  • Can dial 5052525 12 if your answer is Option B
  • Can dial 5052525 13 if your answer is Option C
  • Can dial 5052525 14 if your answer is Option D
Other User:
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> A to 5252525
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> B to 5252525
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> C to 5252525
  • Can Message : KBCQ<space> D to 5252525
Question For Date 28th august :

Ques:Which of these are one of the main characters of Ramayana also appear in the Mahabharata?
इनमे से कौन रामायण  के मुख्य पात्रों में से एक हैं जो महाभारत में भी नजर आते हैं ?
A. Vedvyas

Write Answer :D

Question For Date 27th august 

Ques :Jai Dixit inflated by Abhishek Bachchan played the character in the movie which was played for the first time?
अभिषेक बच्चन द्धारा निभाया गया चरित्र जय दीक्षित पहली बार किस फिल्म में निभाया गया है ?
B.Dhoom 2
C. Dhoom
D. Dhoom 3

Question For Date 26th august: Enjoy

Ques: Various stages of the 2014 general elections which were held in the month?
प्रश्न :2014 आम चुनावों के विभिन्न चरण किन महीने  में आयोजित किये गए थे ?

  1. January-February
  2. April- May
  3. May-June
  4. June-July

Able to give answer only next 27th of august 2014 8.00 pm
Question For Date 25 August

Ques:Which warrior in the Mahabharata knew the secret of getting into the 'Chakravyha' but not of getting out?
प्रश्न :महाभारत में कौन सा योद्धा 'चक्रव्यूह ' में होने का रहस्य पता था, लेकिन से बाहर नहीं हो रही है?

  • Arjuna (अर्जुन )
  • Abhimanyu(अभिमन्यू )
  • Drupada(द्रुपदा )
  • Dhristadtumana(धृसतादतुमना )

Question for Date = 21st August 2014

In English :
Ques: Which one of these is an elected post in India?

  1. Governor
  2. President of India
  3. Chief Election Commissioner
  4. Chief Justice of India
हिंदी  में :
प्रश्न : भारत में एक निर्वाचित पद इनमें से कौन सा है?

  1. राज्यपाल 
  2. भारत के राष्ट्रपति 
  3. मुख्य चुनाव आयुक्त 
  4. भारत के मुख्य न्यायाधीश

Able to give answer only next 22 th of august 2014 8.00 pm

Question for Date :20th August

Ques: इनमे से कौन आईपीएल  टीम किंग्स एलेवेन पंजाब के मालिको में से कौन हैं?

  1. नेश वाडिया 
  2. सिद्ध मालया 
  3. गैडेन मूर्ती 
  4. तान्या डुबास 
In English :

Ques: In which of these is the owner of IPL Team Kings Eleven Punjab ?
  1. Nesh Wadiya
  2. Sid Maliya
  3. Gaiden Murti
  4. Tanya Dubass

Question for Date : 19th August 2014

Ques :भारतीय राष्ट्रीय ध्वज के बीच  में क्या बना हुआ है ?
  • चरखा 
  • अशोक चक्र 
  • वन्दे मातरम 
  • सूर्य 
In English :
Ques: What remains in the middle of the Indian national flag?
  • Charkha
  • Ashok Chakra
  • Vande Matram
  • Surya


First Question Dated : 18th August 2014

Question : From Film 'Heropanti' whose films stars son entering in the film named as Tiger?
प्रश्न : फिल्म 'हीरोपंती ' से फिल्मो में बतोर नायक कदम रखने वाले टाइगर किस अभिनेता के बेटे हैं ?
  1. Anil Kapoor
  2. Sunny Deol
  3. Sunil Shetty
  4. Jacky Shraff
The winner of Ghar Baithee Jeeto Jackpot First : Ritesh Dhanraj Kurejkar from Kanpur
 He Played Jackpot Question and the question is :
Ques:Which of these Indian Cities now services as the capital of two states?

  1. Ranchi
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Raipur
  4. Dehradun
He answered the question correctly and win the amount of Rs 3,00,000.

Mr. Bachan First respect all of the Audience and giving his respective time in Surat for telecasting Grand Opening of Kbc telecast on Television 17th August.This time Kbc comes with great enjoyment and learning with Gaining path.The theme song for Kbc this year is very Awesome which is "Here not only money can win but also win heart" in Hindi "यहाँ पैसा हिं नहीं  दिल भी जीते जाते हैं। 

Amitabh Bachan asking some funny question with the funniest man Kapil Sharma.So where the great Comedian go then the place also become comedy hence every body enjoy the Grand opening.

Now waiting for Soon Telecast the great show on Television with Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Question on 18th of August 2014.So be ready with your phone.......


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Kbc 8 News : Sonam and Fawad on the set of kbc

Kbc 8 News : Sonam and Fawad on the set of kbc

As Kaun Banega Crorepati goes on air its popularity also touches the sky.On the one place contestants win money and on the next side Celebrities come for promotion of their Film.Soon Peoples will see Sonam and Fawad on television for their next film 'Khubsoorat'. Read more at them Deepika and Arjun also come this year 2014 for their film promotion.

What Sir Amitabh Bachan Tells:

The company of stars on set … the lovely Sonam Kapoor along with the handsome Fawd Khan from Pakistan, who promote their film ‘Khoobsurat’ on KBC ..
But in the true sense of the word the real heroes are the ones that appear on KBC with their list of difficulties and issues .. and to see them playing the game for a cause which can resolve their most deepest problematic legacies in their individual homes .. is the most heartening to behold ..
Each day on set of KBC is a test of  not just our knowledge, but indeed the heart beats of the nation .. 
In the hallowed precincts of this unusual but rather intriguing game is hidden the substance which brings with it the essence of better times, a resolve resolved, a home getting back to being a home … the fulfilment of dreams and desires, mostly not for them selves, but for those that struggle among them ..
It is an honor and a most humbling experience to be among those that have never perhaps had the opportunities that we get within a whisshhh … to be with those that have suffered the pain of poverty and abuse and limited means .. to be with those that bring such reverence ever - their little hand made gifts of presentation and its reciprocation .. 
We are a nation of such deep magnitude and feeling that it shall be impossible to fathom our real selves .. 
We ourselves would find it difficult to express what it means to us when we confront these issues …

Deepika & Arjun on the set of Kbc for 'Findning Fanny's' Promotion

Deepika & Arjun on the set of Kbc for 'Butiya' Promotion

The television reality show host Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepati 8 '(KBC) in an episode of
"Finding Fanny' movie star Arjun Kapoor and Deepika Padukone movie yaw ningly-angrily with the song" Shake Your Butea 'Thirke on .

The upcoming film "Finding Fanny's song these days is on everyone's tongue. KBC Amitabh also find a link 'Tumke' this with the pair fetched.

Amitabh Bachan Says:

Pictures say a lot … a great deal more than expressing it in words and expressions that have no relevance to the matter ..
After the gruels of character acts in the film shoot, there is reality in television and the switching over of temperament and thought and act and every other action that must necessarily be away from the one enacted before ..
But some things remain constant - Deepika Paducone for example .. she be with me on ‘Piku’ and she be with me, on KBC to promote her film ‘Finding Fanny’ along with Arjun Kapoor … and fun times it was .. !!
Especially the ‘bootiya dance’ … hahaha .. its a popular number in the film and been done with some finesse ..
Its early rise tomorrow and so we shall restrict it this for the moment ..
More love …


"Finding Fanny 'is releasing on September 12

Kbc Episode Dated 26th August - Archana Tirkey

Kbc Episode Dated 26th August - Archana Tirkey

Looking Forward for next episode from the second week Kaun Banega Crorepati again starts with thrill and this time Archana Tirkey won an amount of Rs.50,00,000.A great inspiration story by her for their children.Lets start playing kbc with Contestant Archana Tirckey:Read more at

Watch her winning moment video

Archana Tirckey winning moment : She is the first contestant who won an amount of Fifty lakh which is telecast on television at 26th August 2014.She has very painful story for why she want money .The story is she has one daughter who is suffering from some typical disease and hence lots of money can use for operation.

The ten contestant from second week episodes:

  1. Hemanta Mahapatra
  2. Bavleen Kaur
  3. Pooja Singh
  4. Minaxi Babu Kamble
  5. Archana Tirkey
  6. Barooru Lalitha
  7. Anjanan Gupta
  8. Maninder Pal Singh
  9. Lal Bahadur Yadav
  10. Rajeshkumar

Ques : In 2014, on which ground did India win a Test match after 28 years ?
A. The Oval
C. Lord's
D. Bristol

Ques : Which of these animals is the largest number of the dog family ?
A. Jackal
B. Hyena
C. Wolf
D. Fox

Ques : Which parliamentarian is the author of  '1001 Animal Quiz', 'Fish Quiz', 'Bird Quiz' and 'Insect Quiz'?
A. Harsimrat Kaur Badal
B. Maneka Gandhi
C. Najma Heptullah
D. Supriya Sule

Ques: The Potato is believed to have originated in which of these places ?
A.South America

Ques:Which of these banks opened its first branch in the present day Pakistani City of Lahore in 1895?
A.Panjab and Sind Bank
B.Syndicate Bank
C.Panjab National Bank
D.Induslnd Bank

Kbc Quiz Question Play and win

Play Kaun Banega Crorepati Quiz and chance to win some prizes or Money.

Playing Kbc rules:

  • When Playing kbc quiz players are not able to search the questions from any of the Search Engine.If you do that you will get one less point which will give you bad result or not chance to win prizes and money.
  • All the questions are Compulsory so must answer all the Questions.
  • You have only one chance to gin your answer so think and give your answer in proper way.
  • No limits of time but not more than half an Hour .
  • SO lets started 
Questions are Updated daily here so play every day .....
Previous three winners:
1.Karan Sandalya
2.Rohan Gupta
3.Monika Kumari

Thanks for Playing Kbc Quiz .Here is the list of Players who played Kbc Quiz .
  1. Sam Khan
  3. Guddu kumar
  4. sabbir hossain
  5. ayush nema
  6. Mukul Grover
  7. Anusha vittal
  8. Dharmender Singh Tanwal
  9. Rahul
  10. ghulam mustafa
  11. shayog tamang
  13. vikas singh
  14. Jignesh
  15. sanderp meena
  16. Shikha baggan
  17. aalam
  18. atul sonawane
  19. Rambabu
  20. Ankit Kumar Pandey
  21. isha
  22. debajyoti
  25. Rsmjeewan Banjara jaipur Rajasthan
  26. sumanpreet kaur
  27. Kishan
  28. vishal rathore
  29. nadeem waghu
  30. suresh kumar swami
  31. bunny richards
  32. Kishan patel
  33. ganesh rane
  34. Sheetal Parjapat
  35. Rajesh singh
  36. Jayeshbahi
  37. vandana dwivedi
  39. akash bhuimali
  40. suresh kumar
  41. Guddu Kumar jha
  42. sumit tiwari
  43. Pronoy Kumar Das
  44. Vishal Srivastava
  45. ankit kumar
  46. himanshu
  47. rakesh
  48. Chittranjan prajapati
  49. suraj chaudhary
  50. monika
  51. Amit kumar
  52. raj.
  53. joynal
  54. manish gupta
  55. vijay kumar
  56. Ghoda himmat j
  57. Arun chaurasia
  58. sanjay kr
  59. Raushan raj
  60. kumar ratandeep
  61. robin.noronha
  62. Shantanu kumar
  63. deepika singh
  64. mohit kumar gupra
  65. ajeet soni
  66. abhishek
  67. Sujay kumar pradhan
  68. talar narendra udesinh
  70. Vikas kumar agrahari
  71. navdeep singh
  72. satyendra rai
  73. saurabhl koche
  74. Rajesh sharma
  75. rajeshkumar leimapokpam
  77. yogesh
  78. Deb
  79. Tarun Sharma
  80. rekhadevi
  81. gopalkumar
  82. devendra singh
  83. jyaoti negi
  84. yashraj singh gaharwar
  85. Manu pratap singh
  86. saroja jain
  87. Dhaval Nimavat
  88. Sikandar Sharma
  89. manoj raut
  90. Surajit Dhara
  91. indravadan patel
  92. Nitish gautam
  93. Amit raj
  94. Swarnaprava
  95. sandeep
  96. satish
  97. Thahseen Taj
  98. Akash bajaj
  99. Sandeep Adangale
  100. Vijay kumar mishra
  101. Sonakshi vaid
  102. nagma sabri
  103. Kasinath behera
  104. Sabbir Hossain
  105. Yogesh kumar
  106. nasim ahmad
  107. kavita kandpal
  109. Swati malhotra
  110. pramod bisht
  111. santosh kumar
  112. semgin baite
  113. Munawwar Yusuf Tamankar
  114. bungobi
  115. Anupam Ghosh
  116. kartik
  117. Rakesh Mishra
  118. Hemanta Borah
  120. atish.mohite
  121. chandra kiran
  122. Mohit
  123. Suraj
  124. vivek Saxena
  125. Arun Kumar
  126. sumit kataria
  127. Sandeep Sha
  128. anup chandra hansdah
  129. krunal vyas
  130. dheeraj
  131. Pravin pawar
  132. Rinkesh Rana
  133. shradha dixit
  134. Ajay Nagar
  135. RAKESH
  136. Manpreet
  137. Swati Tiwary
  138. shantanu kumar
  139. Akash Tripathi
  140. durgesh singh
  141. Kuldeep singh
  142. aneek ahmad
  144. shubham agarwal
  145. Savita kumari
  146. DEEPAK
  147. vaibhav kondalkar
  149. shubham singh
  150. Saurabh Kumar
  151. solanki hari
  152. Mamta Kamboj
  153. abhishek kumar singh
  154. Gagan
  155. Ejaz Ahamed
  156. manoj kumar sarangi
  157. sumi gogoi
  158. Najiya Begum
  159. sujit
  160. jitendra mahaldar
  161. arushiyog
  163. shivshankar Roy
  164. sameena
  165. ramchandra m sakunkhe
  166. Raunak Raj Singh
  167. bulbulmoni nath
  168. Tumpa mondal
  169. chetan
  170. smaranika
  171. Ajay Jadav
  172. pradeep kumar
  173. deepakbisht
  174. nayazul
  175. chandarmohan singh negi
  176. akshay
  177. mritunjay kumar pandey
  178. ritesh kotarwar
  179. narsi ram meena
  180. Shoib bhatt
  181. raj
  182. Reshma Javed
  183. ram parvesh
  184. Shaima
  185. sekhar nath
  186. ram
  187. devwarat
  188. Bijay subedi
  189. khemraj meena
  190. shailesh bhakare


Kbc Registration process and date

1. KBC Registration for All users starting 5th May to 14th May
2. For IDEA Users starting from 20th May to 25th May
3. Jodi Special General Users 14th to 16th May
4. Jodi Special Idea Users 25th May to 27th May 2014.